Welcome to The Chapel of Greksåsar –

Greksåsar´s old Mission-hall.

When the Greksåsar congregation of the Swedish Missionary Society
(SMS) was founded in the 1880´s it had many active members and
eventually, this sizeable congregation thought that it would like lo
build its own Mission-hall.

Therefore, in 1892, at a village meeting, it was decided that each farm
would contribute enough timber and labour so that together they
could build a new place of worship.

The work began immediately and the Mission-hall was ready for use
that very same year .

Around 1910 the active congregation began lo slowly dwindle and
the Mission-hall was given to the Nora congregation of SMS.

In 1956 the Mission Hall was bought by the Church of Sweden and
was converted into a Church of Sweden chapel which was consecrated
on the 25th of August, 1958. The bell in the belltower was rung for the
very first time on the first Sunday in Advent of that year.

The chapel belongs to the Church of Sweden, Parish of Nora (Nora

Among the artefacts belonging to the chapel are two beautiful robes,
the crucifix made from the root of the juniper tree and a silver bridal
crown set with blue stone mined in the village. ( See the photos on
display in the Chapel).

NB! If you plan to get married in the chapel you can borrow the bridal
crown for your wedding day. Contact the parish office 0587- 84800.

If you want to add an extra touch of local colour to your wedding you
can also ask for the music to the Greksåsar Bridal March which was
composed in the 1850´s for a village wedding. For additional
information you can ring 0587-71011 (Örjan Einarsson )

Welcome to The Chapel! (Open during the Summer months)